Find your mission

Do you enjoy your job, but it doesn’t fuel any passion, anymore? You come home feeling empty, stressed, perhaps burned out. You long to find your life mission, but you don’t know where to start?

Without knowing your life purpose, you’ll continue feeling stuck, like you’re moving in circles, watching as time continues to pass you by.

All my life I was looking for my mission. I worked as an image stylist, sommeliere, restaurant manager with determination, but it didn’t fulfill me. My heart was always yearning for something more, something that would make sense to utilise all of my human potential while contributing to humanity at large. It was a long way to go and to make a step to change my life was frightening and risky. But step by step, I have found my life’s work that I am excited every day to wake up to, and I can help you find yours, too.

A life purpose is like a compass, guiding you over life’s journey. Keeping you centered, focused, and clear on what really matters to you and what you want from life.

I can be your channel to help you find and empower your talents in alignment to your life’s purpose, with various tools such as shamanism, tantric wisdom, theta-healing, and more.

Don’t hesitate to take a step in a new direction and find your true mission.

Find your mission session

  • 30 min. individual diagnostic talk
  • 30 min. Theta-Healing Meditation
  • 30 min. Shamanic Ceremony
  • 30 min. Integration Coaching

CHF 290.00