Holistic Nutrition Coaching

Certified specialist of the Swiss alternative practitioner school "Paracelsus" in the field of holistic nutrition.

“Everyone has to save their own body and soul. Those who hope others will save them will be disappointed. “- Paracelsus.

Paracelsus said that it is impossible to achieve recovery without your own effort. Unfortunately, in our modern times, we are shifting responsibility of our bodies to external guidance, via doctors and medication.

I can help you improve your lifestyle and diet so that you can alleviate ailments and diseases without medication and side effects. It is not my job to eliminate the symptoms with medication or to let the kilos melt away quickly, but rather to bring your body and mind into balance and harmony with its own intelligence. Our body is so wise that it can heal itself if it is not burdened by eating unhealthy foods, consuming toxins, or by constant stress.

My holistic nutrition coaching is based on the theory of blood groups, orthomolecular medicine (micronutrients and vitamins) and Ayurveda, bringing the five elements in your body to balance.

Depending on your complaints or chronic illnesses, we clean the lymphatic system, the digestive system, and restore the digestive tract with the help of natural preparations and herbs.

I don't use strenuous dieting in my practice; instead, we learn to listen to your body in order to give it everything it needs.

Private Consultation

incl. Individual Nutrition Plan

60 min. CHF 180.00

30 min. CHF 90.00